Al-Qaeda and terrorists in the state feared hidden, search operation going on

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Saturday arrested nine suspected terrorists from West Bengal and Kerala while busting the module of Pakistan-sponsored terrorist organization Al Qaeda. Najmus Saqib, Abu Sufiyan, Manul Mandal, Liu Yin Ahmed,

Al Mamun Kamal, and Atitur Rahman were nabbed from Murshidabad in the state, while Murshid Hassan, Yakub Biswas, and Mosharraf Hussain were arrested from Ernakulam in Kerala. Many important facts are coming out in the interrogation of terrorists.

Such apprehension has already been expressed that not only New Delhi but also Kolkata and other big cities by making a module of suspected terrorist Al Qaeda

In the cities too, major attacks were hatched. For this, he was also campaigning to connect the youth living in the areas adjacent to the Indo-Bangladesh border with the terrorist organization. According to sources, during the investigation,

the NIA has also found two other accomplices of suspected terrorists, who may be hiding in Murshidabad and other parts of North Bengal. One of them is being named as Mohammed Ansari, although it is officially mentioned by the NIA

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Nothing has been told. According to sources, the NIA team is also taking the help of Bengal Police as well as Jharkhand ATS for the arrest of suspected terrorists. Also, Tainan CRPF in the Junglemahal area of the state is also on alert regarding this
National Investigation Agency (NIA) of Abu Sufiyan arrested after being found in a house in Raninagar in Murshidabad on charges of belonging to the terrorist organization Al Qaeda

The team once again searched his house. Also Domkal
And a search operation has also been carried out at the house of other suspected terrorists in Jalangi.

It is being ascertained whether the terrorists have any hideout to hide weapons and explosives. According to the sources used, they used a special code for interaction among themselves. The terrorists caught up had formed a group on WhatsApp. Through that, they used to talk among themselves. Special codes were used in conversation.

It is being told that Abu Sufiyan had already known about the presence of the NIA team in Murshidabad. He also deleted several excerpts from chats with his colleagues. According to sources, an attempt is being made to get back the excerpts of the chat to be deleted through cyber experts.

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