Best Restaurants In Bally


PUBG CAFE AND LOUNGE is one of the best restaurants in Bally. The main attractions of our restaurant are our signature taste and Special PUBG theme. We all know about the fan following of PUBG as a game.

PUBG CAFE AND LOUNGE is one of the best restaurants in Bally. The main attractions of our restaurant are our signature taste and Special PUBG theme. We all know about the fan following of PUBG as a game.

This game is not only a masterpiece but also makes people astonished every time. Gamers love to roam around the virtual world of PUBG, but in real life? Shouldn’t Gamers have any destination to feel like home in PUBG style? That inspired us to set up the whole PUBG in-game experience at our restaurant. That’s why they call us Pubg Cafe, Howrah! Stuffed with PUBG equipment at our restaurant to make it almost like a real world experience of PUBG life.

Every seat, wall, table, and corner is decorated carefully to deliver the surrounding experience.  This is the best place for PUBG lovers. Because PUBG lovers of Bally, Howrah also deserves this opportunity to experience supreme excellence. Witness the world-class interior design of PUBG CAFE AND LOUNGE™  which leads to an unrealistic Real experience. Decorated with Crate boxes, guns, and every other little equipment to highlight every small detail we could put into, to make it the restaurants in Bally!!!!

So PUBG lovers what is stopping you to witness this great opportunity to dine into the Only PUBG themed full size restaurant in Bally, Howrah!

Best Restaurants In Bally

Now let’s talk about the real reason you have stepped in for. The Food! Yes, just how this cafe is rich in decoration it also tastes rich at the time of the Food you’ve ordered. All you need to do is just take a seat and order among the vast range of dishes available just for you. You can order any tangy and spicy Chinese dish or may be a classic Indian Delicacy or a Great pizza! Maybe you are also thirsty ?

Just find yourself comfortable with our vast range of soft drinks and smoothies and milkshakes. mostly made with natural ingredients which helps you to refresh from the inside as well as the outside. Tasty, healthy and even photogenic!! What a coincidence.Just have your own time to relax and feel happiness by spending quality time with friends and family or your loved ones.

Best Restaurant In Bally

And you know the best thing is our restaturant is that our bally restaurant near ganga

We know how to make good times for you. That’s why we have also arranged for a Billiards table. Yes ! You just heard that right. Bring your whole squad. Put the mood on fire. Shot every ball passionately. Whenever you will visit PUBG CAFE AND LOUNGE the authentic ambiance will provide you with enough positive vibes to put your relax mode on. Soft music, tasty food, the great ambiance of relaxing colors, and all with your favorite PUBG theme.

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About Service

With over ⭐4.5 out of ⭐5 ratings at various food delivery app including Google PUBG CAFE AND LOUNGE is offering now world class service. With a bunch of polite and Friendly staff we have made PUBG CAFE AND LOUNGE a place where nobody gets to feel alone. It allows you to feel just like Home even far from home.

We have trained our staff to deliver the best behavior towards every customer. We can promise you that the food will taste just the same whenever you will munch or have a bite or make your mouth full. At PUBG CAFE AND LOUNGE, we are always trying to invent new, creative also tasty dishes by new experiments and thriving to increase the taste, increase the experience, increase the goodness. This is one of the top-class services according to the area. That’s why we are considered to be the best restaurants in Bally.

PUBG CAFE AND LOUNGE has made it easier for you to get your favourite dishes at home as we have launched our  official PCL Cafe mobile application , available on Google Play Store. Download now and select your favourite dishes from our menu of happiness, proceed the order to enjoy the taste at your home. So now you have both options , you may order the food at your home or just make yourself comfortable at the cafe to feel just like home with the same taste.

About safety standards

Just how you never compromise with any chances for your family, We never compromise with HYGIENE for you. Because You are our inspiration and we are Together PCL FAMILY.Within the ongoing pandemic situation our team is always following the safety parameters in order to stay safe and also serve the safest food . From Chefs to the delivery personnel – everybody is putting on a mask just for your safety. Sanitation work is performed on a regular basis as a part of our routine care for prevention of Covid-19.

 All the raw materials of our dishes are purchased from local sources to get the raw materials at fresh condition without any preservatives or chemical processing.Raw materials have to go through our standard and quality check process.

Every dish is cooked or made with fresh ingredients of that very day. We believe in the first in first out policy to keep our food standard as high as it used to be.No stale items are not proceeded for the next day.

The process of preparation of the dish also goes through the quality check process, and the whole preparation process occurs with strict safety and hygiene Guidelines Learn at more on the official website of world health organization


  • Enjoy the Free WiFi service inside the PUBG CAFE AND LOUNGE.

Location and contact

Dine in at-

389, Grand Trunk Rd, Block-G1, Bally, Howrah, West Bengal 711201


We are open everyday 10am to 11pm

Visit Official Website:-

Call Us Now:- 8961512250

2ND Number:- 8777451966

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