CM identified seats have been in discussion

Politics. What is the situation in this assembly election on the seat of veterans?

Assembly elections have been announced.

The prospective candidates contesting the elections in 243 assembly constituencies of the state are restless with the ticket. The political turmoil is also in the electoral field of the former chief ministers of the state.

The existence of many seats in the Chief Minister’s electoral constituency has also ended. The current Chief Minister of the state Nitish Kumar is a member of the Legislative Council. He reached Harnaut seat in the assembly for the first time. In the 2015 election, his own party is in the seat of Harnaut assembly.

Former JDU minister Harinarayan Singh is MLA from Harnaut. Former Chief Minister Karpoori Thakur’s own set Tajpur has no longer existed on the electoral map. Karpoori Thakur continued to win elections from this seat from 1952 to 1977. Later he was also a member of the Lok Sabha. When the Janata Party formed a government,

they won the Phulparas assembly seat in Madhubani district and won the by-election in the by-election. JDU is still in the seat of Phulparas. When Karpoori Thakur died in 1988, he used to be the Leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Assembly at that time.

Raghopur has been Rabri Devi’s favorite seat

They were elected as MLAs from the Sonbarsa assembly seat in Karithakursitamadi district. Sonbarsa Sat has ceased to exist at present. Ramanuj Prasad is the MLA there.

The assembly seat is in the MDM-BJP quota, this time the BJP will try to wrest this seat from the RJD in Harhal. Hirajad will also try to retain its seat. Similarly, the seat of choice of Rabri Devi was the Radhopur assembly constituency in the Vaishali district.

Rabri Devi was won and defeated by the people of Raghopur. However, Rabri Devi’s last assembly constituency was Sonpurhi. Bur NDA Tejaswi has created a wide circle to surround this seat.

In the Congress era, veteran leader Dr. Jagannath Mishra was the Chief Minister of the state three times. His Harbarpasandida area remained in Madhubani district, Kajjhanjharpur. In the 2015 Assembly elections, his son former minister of state Nitish Mishra could not get the blessings of the people of Jhanjharpur and he was defeated by RJD’s Gulab Yadav.

This time, if this seat goes to the BJP quota, then Nitish Mishra will be the candidate here and the contest here will be interesting. Former CM Kedar Pandey is holding the BJP at Keast Nautan.

Narayan Prasad is an MLA from here. In the last Lok Sabha election, Congress had nominated Kedar Pandey’s letter and former MP Manoj Kumarpandeya’s son Shashwat Kedar from the Valmikinagar seat. Now there is to be a by-election.

Bhola Paswan Shastri became Chief Minister thrice, former CM Abdul Ghafur was a member of the Legislative Council and became the Chief Minister of the state. Former CM Bhela Paswan Shastri became the Chief Minister of the state three times. His seat is Poona Kumari Paswan MLA of Congress from Koda Safe in Katihar district ..

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