COVID19: 5 Tips Using Ayurveda to prevent coronavirus outbreaks

The whole world is worried about the outbreak of Coronavirus. This virus is increasing day by day. The government is taking all steps to deal with this virus. Many people have died due to Coronavirus. So far no medicine of this virus has been prepared. But you can take this virus as the only remedy by following health guidelines.

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Many such methods have been told by the World Health Organization that we can use it to settle with the coronavirus and also prevent it from spreading. Regular cleaning is necessary, especially washing hands. With all this, if your immunity is better, then you will be more successful in avoiding the outbreak of the corona virus than others.

There are many treatments in Ayurveda, by which you can use your body’s immune system to improve. Death from this disease has yet been shown in the old man. Out of which 71% Coronavirus cases are seen in the male.

5 Tips Using Ayurveda to prevent coronavirus outbreaks

Ayurvedic has always been good for our health. And by doing this treatment, you can improve your body’s immune system.


To keep the body’s immune system in order, you should regularly drink appropriate amounts of amla, aloe vera, lemon, etc. This will greatly benefit your body.


For the betterment of your immune system, you will be best to consume Ashtadasang decoction, Guduchyadi decoction, Amrit Utterram decoction or Sirishadi decoction.


Apart from this, if you wish, burn Guggal, Vacha, Cardamom, Tulsi, Clove, Cow’s Ghee and Khand in an earthen vessel and allow its smoke to spread in the house and surroundings.


You keep the surroundings of your house. And you usually try to burn neem leaves, googal, resin, cedar, and two camphor together. Allow its smoke to spread to the house and surroundings.


If you are fond of drinking tea, then you should regularly drink tea made by adding 10 or 15 basil leaves, 5 to 6 black pepper, a little cinnamon and a fair amount of ginger. This will help you in avoiding diseases.

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