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Our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948) had dreamed of a free India and suggested the path to realize that dream, we wandered from that path to the opposite direction and slowly walked so much We have reached far away that it is no longer a dream to return there.

Today we are running wildly towards that ‘satanic civilization’ of Gandhiji, from which he had repeatedly warned us to stay. Gandhiji linked the Hindi movement with the freedom movement. He believed that when the country becomes independent, it will have a national language.

And that national language will be ‘Hindustani’ because it is the most spoken and understood language of this country. This Hindustani proposed by Gandhiji was not a new item.

The first grammar of Hindi was written in Dutch in 1698 by Dutch resident John Joshua Kettler, titled ‘Hindustani Grammar’. Written in Latin by Benjamin Shulje and the name of the book published in 1745 AD, ‘Gramatica Hindostanika ‘.

John Ferguson’s book is ‘A Dictionary of the Hindustani Language,’ (1773 AD) and the name of John Gilchrist’s grammar treatise, ‘A Grammar of the Hindustani Language’ (1790 AD). The first history of the so-called Hindi diwas date literature written by Gasa da Tasi is actually a history of Hindu and Hindustani literature. Earlier, the Fort William College,

which was formed in Calcutta in 1800, also had an Indian department, which was headed by John Gilchrist. According to John Gilchrist, at that time Hindustani was “The Grand Popular Speech of Hindustan”. I do not know whether Gandhiji was aware of this history of Hindustani, but from his experiences he had understood well that the unity of this country was understood Hindustani can play a big role in upholding.

hindi day date 2020

Sorry that Gandhi was killed even before the debate in the Constituent Assembly.
And the country was divided. These circumstances had a serious impact on the debates of the Constituent Assembly. Hindustani
And on Hindi, the House was divided into two parts and majority basis

Special on hindi day

But Hindi has been fixed as the official language of the Union. Today, after seventy years when we evaluate the effect of the said decision of the Constituent Assembly, we feel that Hindi has to pay a great price for it. This is the main reason for the Hindi protests of the South. Those who were earlier promoting Hindi under the influence of Gandhiji, they later became anti-Hindi.

By the way, by saying Hindustani, there is a sense of comprehensive nationality and social equality, not by saying Hindi in the same way. The word neither smells of regionalism nor of narrowness of caste and religion. If Hindustani had been accepted as the official language, the quarrel in Urdu would have ended forever.

Certainly, the acceptance of Hindi as the official language in place of Hindustani was a big historical mistake. Explaining the nature of the Hindi language, Gandhiji had said, “I call it the Hindi language which Hindus and Muslims speak in the north and write in Devanagari or Persian (u) script.

It is argued that Hindi and Urdu are There are two different languages. This argument is not correct. Muslims and Hindus speak the same language in North India. The educated people have put the distinction… I have been in the north, I am very mixed with Hindus.

And even though my knowledge of Hindi language is very low, I have not had any difficulty in dealing with them. The language that the common people in northern India speak, whether it is called Urdu or Hindi, both are indicative of the same language. If you write it in Persian script then it will be known by the name of Urdu language and if you write in Nagari then it will be called Hindi.

” Gandhiji wanted everything from basic education to higher education through the mother tongue. It was during his stay in South Africa that he understood that English medium education is the main root of increasing colonial mentality within us. In “Hind Swaraj” he wrote that, “Teaching English to crores of people is like putting them into slavery.

hindi day 2020

The teaching Macaulay laid the foundation of was really the foundation of slavery. He made that plan with this intention, I do not want to say this, but this is the result of his work. We of Swarajya
They also talk in foreign language, what kind of poverty is this? .. teaching english
Arrogance, misogyny etc. have increased. People with English education took no effort in cheating and harassing the public. To make India a slave, we are the only people who know English. We will not feel sorry for the British. “From his experiences Gandhiji concluded that,” Due to English education, there is no sympathy, no dialogue between the educated and the uneducated.

The educated community is unable to feel the heartbeat of the uneducated community. “In ‘Young India’, he wrote,” If I have dictatorial power in my hands, then from today I stop teaching our boys and girls through foreign medium Do and all teachers And ask the professors to change this medium immediately or dismiss them.

I will not wait for the preparation of textbooks. She will follow the change of medium. “Will we reconsider his suggestions on the occasion of Gandhiji’s one and a half hundredth birth anniversary?

Hindi day date

Hindi Day is celebrated in 14 sep.

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