How will the culprits of the Nirbhaya incident be hanged? What does the executioner say to the convict before hanging him?

The time has come when the whole of India and Nirbhaya‘s parents were waiting. This morning at 5:30 all four convicts will be hanged. And this will be the first time that 4 people will be hanged together in that Tihar Jail,

the largest prison complex in South Asia which has 16000 prisoners. However, before the execution of the accused, the lawyers of the accused tried their best to pursue the case so that they could get some time. They also filed petitions in the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court.

Who officials are present at the time of hanging

The Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Medical Officer Incharge and Resident Medical Officer have to be present at the time of execution. District magistrate must also be there. But in the unavoidable situation, if the presence of the District Magistrate is not possible, then the Additional District Magistrate present and counter sign the warrant.

If the prisoner wishes, the priest / cleric / clergyman / priest of his religion can also be present at the time of hanging. But taking this decision depends on the discretion of the jail superintendent. While doing so, security requirements and jail discipline are taken into consideration.

The relatives of the prisoner are not allowed to be present while being hanged. However, after prior permission from the government, the superintendent can allow social scientists, psychiatrists or psychologists to be present at the time of hanging according to their research.

The decision of the superintendent is final in cases involving permission to be present during the execution of the sentence. The general policy is that no other person is allowed to be present at the time of hanging. At least 10 constables, warders and two head warders or equally armed prison guards are present at every hanging.

At the time of hanging, both the hands of the prisoner are tied towards the back. After this, the deputy superintendent takes the prisoner to the place of hanging. During this, the head warder and 6 warders also live together. Two warders are held in front of the prisoner, two behind and two together.

The Superintendent then informs the magistrate present there and reads out the warrant to the prisoner. The prisoner’s mouth is covered with cloth just before he is taken to the hanging chamber. This is done so that he does not see the noose. The prisoner is then taken to the platform. There, he is erected just below the rope beams.

The executioner lifts the bolt at the behest of the superintendent

The warders hold the prisoner’s hand till that time. Then the hanger (executioner) ties the prisoner’s legs lightly. Then a lump of rope is tightened around the neck. After this, the warders leave the prisoner’s hand. The executioner lifts the bolt as soon as the superintendent points. After all this process is completed the superintendent gives the signal, then the executioner pulls the liver.

The prisoner’s body hangs for about half an hour. Then it is certified by the medical officers that the prisoner has died. After this, the body is cremated according to the religion of the prisoner. If a written application for a funeral is given by the prisoner’s family, the body is handed over to them.

However, before hanging the four convicts of the Nirbhaya case, Tihar Jail has prepared to hang the dummy to test the execution. Sources associated with the Tihar jail administration told India Today that according to the jail manual, sandbags are used for hanging dummies. At this time, an executive engineer and medical officer of PWD are also present.

According to the jail manual, the Executive Engineer (PWD) inspects the noose and checks the rope in the presence of a superintendent. This is done on the eve of the date of execution after giving information from the Superintendent. It is the responsibility of the superintendent to see that all arrangements are in the right way. It is not necessary to use a new rope at every hanging, but it is necessary to decide from the superintendent that the rope has been thoroughly tested.

According to the rule, sandbags of one and a half times the weight of the prisoner are used in hanging dummy. Two ropes are kept extra for each prisoner. So that if there is an accidental situation like rope breaking, then it can be dealt with.

Drop by weight of the prisoner

According to the weight of the prisoner, from 1.830 meters to 2.440 meters, the drop has to be hung with a rope. Four days before the date of execution by the medical officer, it is necessary to tell in your medical report how many drops the prisoner has to give, that is, how much is to be hung from the rope.

The drop is fixed from 1.830 meters to 2.440 meters according to the weight of prisoners from below 45 kg to more than 90 kg. The final decision about the drop is made by the Medical Officer. The rope is softened with butter. After testing the rope and other equipments are locked and secured in a steel box. The responsibility of this box rests with the deputy superintendent.


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