India got the support of many countries to surround China

After the ‘deception’ on LAC in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh, China where it is seen on the global stage. At the same time, many countries are coming in favor of India. America, France,

After Australia, now Japan and Britain have also supported India. It is considered as India’s diplomacy success. On the other hand, China is becoming isolated.

The countries troubled by its aggressive policies are coming together. India is trying to build maritime security alliances with many countries upset by its attitude in the Indian Ocean.

The siege against China has intensified due to India’s diplomatic initiative and the activism of other countries including America, Australia. Discussions are going on in the quad countries (India, America, Australia, Japan).

According to media reports, Japan assured India that it would oppose China’s unilateral effort to change the status quo on LAC. Earlier, America has also praised India for its efforts for a peaceful resolution.

Here, a large number of Indian-Americans, Tibetans on the New York Historical Times Square, And Taiwanese shouted slogans demonstrating against China.

China’s irresponsible stance amid the Corona transition in the coronet road has angered the world. His aggression has brought many countries of the world closer to each other.

All of them are ready to answer to China in its language. On the other hand, China is accused of not cooperating in the Corona case. Actually, Corona Kamamala is spread all over the world through China.

India’s diplomatic initiative intensified

India has stepped up its diplomatic initiative against China on the sidelines of its old policy. Sources said that the Chinese action and Galvan incident have created a deep crisis in the relationship between India and China.

India does not want to miss preparations at any level. Meanwhile, security is on alert from Bharatdharti to the sky.

world united against China’s expansionism


America has clearly stated that the dispute over LAC. Is with Bharata. China fully for Indian in Galvan
Is responsible The US President has already accused him of spreading corona.


Japan, while supporting India on this issue, said that expectation
The dispute will be resolved. The Japanese Ambassador Satoshi Sujki tweeted that I appreciate India’s efforts.


Australia is also China’s expansionist in the Indian Pacific
-Troubled by policy,
He has said that he will increase the budget of his military expenses amid increasing tension in this area.

ASEAN Country:

Leaders of South-East Asian Countries, South China| Told Sagar that
Sovereignty in the South China Sea should be determined on the basis of the 1982 treaty.

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