International color day 2020, Why is a color day celebrated

International color day is celebrated on 21 March. Colors have great. importance in the lives of people. During International Yoga Day, memorable color activities develop around the world.

This day is related to color. It was proposed in early 2018 by the Portuguese Color Association to adopt the International Day of Color, with President Maria João Duro presenting the idea to the International Color Association.

The proposal was agreed in 2009 among members of this society, which is made up of national associations and members representing more than 30 countries.

Some of the activities and events encountered on International Color Day:

Art exhibitions, architectural projects, design, decoration, fashion….
Meetings, debates, scientific programs …
Workshops on the use of color and light for both adults and children.
Competitions on color and lighting design.

International color day 2020, Why is a color day celebrated

International Color Day 21 march 2020

Wearing colors of national or regional identity.

It is an international day, so this day is also celebrated in big countries like Australia, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, Netherlands, and the United States.

The selection of the date was an enormous downside for the affiliation. The concept uncovered by Austrian consultant Leonard Oberascher prevailed over others. In line with his concept, the spring equinox was the very best date for the celebration.

The evening and day are roughly equally lengthy, which symbolically pertains to the complementary nature of sunshine and darkness, that is expressed in all cultures.

International color day 2020, Why is a color day celebrated

Worldwide Shade Day celebration options numerous actions, which are associated to paint and its notion. These could be artwork exhibitions, contests on shade and light-weight design, free workshops for adults and youngsters on using shade and light-weight, and so forth.

21 march 2020 international color day


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