NIA takes six terrorists arrested from Murshidabad to Delhi

The team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) has taken six suspected terrorists arrested from Murshidabad on charges of being associated with terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

According to sources, the terrorists were taken from Kolkata to Delhi on Monday evening by three planes.

That is, the NIA team separated the terrorists and took them to Delhi. It has been told that along with the terrorists caught from Murshidabad, their three accomplices arrested in Kerala will be questioned face to face.

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Officials of the Central Intelligence Bureau in Delhi can also interrogate the terrorists, to find out at which places in the country they were preparing al-Qaeda modules. In Delhi, the accused will be produced in the Patiala House Court.

There may be raids in other states as well, according to sources, not only West Bengal but also in other states, members of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda are feared to be hidden. Police of neighboring states of Bengal are also on alert. NIA teams can conduct raids in other states as well.

According to NIA sources, two students are among the six people arrested from the state and they are getting close contact with some other students of Kashmir. Some SIM cards, laptops and phones seized from both the students showed that they were in constant contact with some people in Kashmir.

Kolkata was provoking people on CAA and NRC. The terrorists arrested from Murshidabad were trying to provoke people on the issue of CRA and NRC. This question has come to light in the interrogation.

They were talking in the direction of building a separate India among the people. They were in such a deep fire of rebellion in Murshidabad district by saying various kinds of jihadi in the minds of the youth so that the youth could join their organization.

In Najmus Saqib, Abu Sufiyan, Manulmandal, Liu Yin Ahmed, Al Mamun Kamal and Atitur Rahman were arrested. Sources reveal that the terrorists used to take some negative posts on the social site regarding CAA and MRC, with the help of this they were trying to separate the youth from the spirit of patriotism.

He was showing the dream of making a new country through Jihad. Terrorists used to keep anti-debit Kavidio of Pakistan TV channels in mobile. In his speech,

he used to support these videos, so that the youth could believe in his words and joined his organization to make their dream come true.

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