Nirbhaya Justice Day, 5:30 this morning Nirbhaya will get justice. All four accused will be hanged

Nirbhaya will get justice after 7 years. The wait of this day was for the daughter of the whole of India. Today at 5:30 pm all four convicts will be hanged.

According to the latest updates from Nirbhaya, the Delhi High Court has said that the death sentence of four convicts has been confirmed in the Supreme Court’s decision. For this, not PTI,

on March 19 at 11:15 pm, it was told that the culprits may have filed a petition on the last service. Delhi HC says that there is no basis in the petition of 3 death sentence accused seeking a stay on their execution.

On Saturday night, the lawyer of the four accused has once again taken the petition to the High Court Supreme Court door.

In this petition, the Delhi High Court has told the lawyer of those four accused that if you have any new evidence then it happened in the court. Present you like this, you cannot come with the old petition.

His lawyer again filed a petition in the Supreme Court after the Delhi High Court.

Nirbhaya will get justice tomorrow

“The courts have given them so many opportunities that they are now used to bringing something before the date of hanging so that it can be postponed. Now, even our courts are aware of their strategy. Tomorrow, he will be hanged.


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