Nirbhaya Justice Day: What does the executioner say in the prisoner’s ear before being hanged?

The time has come when the whole of India and Nirbhaya‘s parents were waiting. This morning at 5:30 all four convicts will be hanged. And this will be the first time that 4 people will be hanged together in that Tihar Jail,

the largest prison complex in South Asia which has 16000 prisoners. However, before the execution of the accused, the lawyers of the accused tried their best to pursue the case so that they could get some time. They also filed petitions in the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court.

This incident took place on the night of 16 December 2012, there were many types of disturbances in this incident but this incident reached a conclusion, Nirbhaya’s mother played the biggest role in this,

she took justice in her court by circling every court. Whether it is the Supreme Court or the High Court, they did not give up and today on 20 March 2020, four criminals were sentenced for their felony. However, soon after, Nirbhaya convicts Started to end their legal options and the execution was delayed by two months.

What does the executioner say in the prisoner’s ear before being hanged?

You must have heard many places and seen in movies while hanging, but if you notice, the executioner speaks a few words in his ear before hanging them, this word is not known to many men that hangman to hang them. What does he say before?

Actually, the death penalty is so dangerous that people do not think it is right to discuss something about it and do not talk about interesting facts related to it. Such as hanging noose, time to hang, the process of hanging, etc. Are decided. The executioner is a government employee who does this by placing stones on the heart.

That is why the executioner says in the ears of the criminal before he is hanged “Brother forgive me, I am a government employee. I am compelled by the law. After this, if the criminal is a Hindu, he calls him Ram Ram.If he is a Muslim, he greets him for the last time. The executioner says that I am a slave of the government’s order, so I am not intentionally giving you death.

executioner says in the prisoner’s ear before being hanged

Just by saying these words, he pulls the noose and all of them are taken to medical and inspected within a short time. The executioner is a brave and unarmed person, his work is very courageous, that is why the government gets very few men who want to do this job.

What does the executioner say in the prisoner’s ear before being hanged? Nirbhaya Justice Day.

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