Pete Buttigieg abolishes historic presidential bid

Pete Batigge, 38, officially suspended his campaign on Sunday evening and ended a serious presidential bid.

“The truth is that the route has narrowed to a close,” Batagiag told after an introduction by her husband Chastain to a crowd in his hometown of South Bend, Ind. “We have a responsibility to consider the impact of staying ahead in this race.”

Battig Le thanked everyone for this campaign on Sunday and said that the new pick will continue to enter politics

She also said that I believe Dindy that we can do our time in these years and that we will make America life and politics more as it can be. Before Battig took the stage, her husband Chastain gave an emotional speech gave,

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When Battig announced his investigative committee in January 2019, voters did not know him or his policy positions, and could not pronounce his last name.

Buttigieg also recognized that importance.

“We sent a message to every child there, thinking that whoever marked them as different meant that they were somehow less fortunate to see that someone who ever Also felt that she could become a major presidential candidate with her husband in exactly the same way. In her favor, “he said.

The announcement ranked Battig’s fourth on the fourth day of the party’s fourth nomination contest, in the Democratic primary in South Carolina. Buttigieg was eliminated in a virtual tie at the Caucus in Iowa, then second in New Hampshire and third in Nevada.

Iowa and New Hampshire are predominantly white states, but Battigiag struggled to attract support in the more diverse states of Nevada and South Carolina. According to exit polls, they earned the support of just 3% of African American voters in South Carolina; Black voters made up the majority of Democratic voters in the primary on Saturday.

Buttigieg spent the last days of his campaign meeting with former President Jimmy Carter in Georgia, and then across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, an annual commemoration of Bloody Sunday. He said that in the shadow of civil rights, he had the idea of ​​how the nation can live on his example now.

Buttigieg departure could help boost the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is competing for some equally liberal voters and trying to capture the representative leadership of Vermont Senator Bernie Sander on Super Tuesday.


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