Redmi K20 Android 10-based on MIUI 11 Updated: report

Redmi K20 update:-

In 2019, Chinese smartphone maker Sho Mi has published a very big update or the update is that it is now updating its Redmi k20 like the phone to MIUI 11.

Redmi K20 Android 10 report-

The latest update has just been revealed in the Redmi k20, in which the Redmi k20 reportedly has now started receiving updates to Android 10 as well.

This update has just been released to the users of China only and this update has been released for some time. The rollout should be rolled out to other markets soon after.

This update was previously based on Android 9 but it was decided to roll out MIUI 11 for the updated Redmi k20.

According to the technical report of China and the report of IT Home, the fire red k20 80 19,680 has started getting Android 10 updates in China. Version number MIUI V11 for the latest update. Is 0.2.0.QFJCNXM.The report also shows that according to the screenshot or update the size is 2.3 GB.

This update has not been published in any other place yet by releasing China. The company has not fixed any date in this update.

Redmi k20 has already brought a lot of updates such as Dynamic Sound System, Dynamic Font System, Mi Work App, Mi-Go App.

here is the video to see the redmi k20 phone.

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