The Congress government demonstrated against the price hike of petrol diesel and raised its voice for the “central government to withdraw the increased price”

On Saturday, the District Congress protested outside the new bus stand petrol pump and held a street corner against the increase in the price of petrol and diesel by the central government. It was presided over by Metropolitan President Manoj Narayan Bhagat, and Youth Congress District President Shailendra Yadav headed it.

Manoj Narayan Bhagat said that the price has increased due to the central government levying an excise tax of Rs 35 on petrol and Rs 33 on diesel. This has affected the industrial trade, transportation with the farmers. OBC District President Surjit Nagwala said that by continuously increasing the price of petroleum products, the central government implicated the people in the quagmire.

Dr. RC Mehta said that “in the midst of the corona epidemic, the central government is putting an additional burden of inflation on the common man. Bhim Kumar said that the central government has become a government of advertising only”.

Shailendra Yadav, Sarju Yadav, Sharda Ranjan Dubey, Kumari Bakhla, Bablu Kushwaha, President Krishna Sharma, Naseem Khan, Salim Raza, Giani Mehta, Dr. Savita Sheetal, Mukesh Paswan, Prakash Yadav, Jawahar Lal Sinha, Abid Ansari, Vijay Yadav ,

Ritlal Mandal, Ashok Dev, Mazhar Hussain, Krishna Kishore Prasad, Sitaram Yadav, Krishna Gopal Mishra, Afroz Alam, Ankur Aggarwal, Asgari Anjum, Faiz Anwar, Good Jamil, Subodh Sinha, Tinku Mehta, Yasmin Khatoon, Subhashish Majumdar, Sanjeev Mehta, Suresh Vishwarma, Rajkumar Mehta, Mo Babar, Mehtab Ansari, Suresh Kushwaha, etc. were present.

Barkagaon In protest against the increase in the price of petrol and diesel and the auction of 59 coal blocks, the Block Congress Committee gave a one-day strike in front of the Zonal Office on Saturday.

It was chaired by Block President Visheshwar Nath Chaubey, Operations MLA Representative Chander Saw. After the picket, ‘CO cum BDO Vaibhav Kumar Singh was handed a six-point demand letter to the Governor. On the spot, Badagaon MLA Amba Prasad said that due to the huge increase in the price of petrol and diesel by the central government,

people’s problems have increased. Unemployment is also increasing. Congress leaders in the demand letter to pay the price of petrol-diesel, to pay the loss of hailstorm to the farmers, to solve the problems of the displaced and the affected, to pay the honorarium of the mercury teacher, Sahia and Sahia fellow, the servant-assistant,

Barkagaon Demand for providing 24-hour electricity, etc. District Congress Committee Vice Chairman Mithilesh Dubey, Supervisor Rohan Thakur, Raghujayaswal, Block President of Trade Industry Cell Rajesh Gupta, Sanjay Kumar, Sheikh Abdullah, Jamal Sagir, Ahmadullah, Dasaratha Prasad, Kuleshwar Mahato, Mohleem Adishamil.


The Churchu Congress Committee staged a protest against the price hike of petrol and diesel in the block headquarters complex. Presided over by Block President JP Yadav. He said that at this time the whole country is struggling with an epidemic like Coronavirus. On the other hand,

the central government is continuously increasing the prices of petrol diesel. The general public is traumatized by the lock-down, after the picket, submitted a memorandum to BDO cum CO Churachu in the name of the President. In the dharna, block president Jaiprakash Yadav, vice-chairman Mo Dargahi Khan, block in-charge Sunil Singh Rathore,

Hazaribagh district organization secretary Anwar Hussain, general ministers Mehboob Ansari, Mo Babloo, Parmanand Singh, Mo Kalam, Rameshwar Mahato, Sakura Ansari, Manan Ansari, Rameshwar Ravidas, Shamshad Alam, Shambhu Yadav, etc. were included.


Vishnugarh. The Block Congress Committee on Saturday staged a protest against the increase in diesel-petrol price in front of the block headquarters. There was a sit-in under the leadership of Block President Abbas Ansari. Supervisors Bhalchandra Mishra and Dharmendra Kumar were present. Vishveshwar Prasad Swarnakar conducted it. The speakers opposed the rising inflation. At the same time, the BDO was handed a memorial letter to the President.

In the dharna, District Vice President Surendra Mishra, Visheshwar Prasad Swarnakar, Jagdish Varman, Samasuddin, Ganapati Swarnakar, Shivprasad Lahkar, Kamal Ram, Ghulam Nabi Ansari, Harun Ansari, Akram Ansari, Shakeel Ahmed, Anwar Alam, Aslam Ansari, Kausar Ansari, Javed Ahmed, Dhaneshwar Ravidas, Kishore Ram, Karim Ansari, Tanveer Hasan, Sarfaraz Ahmed, and others were present.

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