The Corona continues to grow, 1600 people have lost their lives in Kolkata 62 people died in one day

  1. 3,165 people infected in 24 hours
  2. 3,011 corona infected people become healthy
  3. 528 infected in Kolkata, 19 dead
  4. 515 infected in North 24 Parganas, 7 lost their lives

Kolkata: Corona is again picking up fun in West Bengal. A record 62 people have died in the state in the last 24 hours. With this, 4,421 people have died in the state so far. The last 24 hours there

In the state, 43,313 samples have been tested in the state, out of which 3,165 people have been found infected. This information has been given in the Health Bulletin issued by the State Health Department on Monday. The total number of people affected by this epidemic has increased to 2,28,302.

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In the last 24 hours, 3,011 people have returned home beign healthy, due to which the number of healthy people has increased to 1,98,983. With this, the number of active people has increased by 92 during the last 24 hours in the state, and now 24,898 active

There are patients who are undergoing treatment. State’s recovery rate increased to 87.16 percent
On the other hand, the total number of corona infected in the metropolis has been 50,655. In the last 24 hours 528 people have been infected, while 19 people have died. So far 1600 people have died in the metropolis.

After Kolkata, North 24 Parganas district is second in the case of Corona, so far 45,707 people have been infected in this district. In the last 24 hours 515 people have been infected and seven people

Has died So far, 988 people have died. Death of Corona Row Dental Surgeon: A dental surgeon has now died from Corona. The deceased doctor’s name is Devdatta Das. Dr. Dus studied from Dr. R. Ahmed Dental College and Hospital, Kolkata.

He was the HOD and College Principal of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of a Dental Medical College, Haryana, Ambala. It is to be known that 413 doctors have died in the country from Corona now.

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