Twice of the 12 seasons of IPL started in March only

The IPL 13 season was supposed to start on 29 March 2020 but now the date has been suspended till 15 April. It is not yet fully proved that the IPL match will start on 15 April.

But if we look at the sources from IPL 2008 to 2019, then it is determined that the IPL match has been held twice only in the month of March, all the other matches have been played in April.

ipl arile 2020

The whole world is worried about the coronavirus epidemic, due to this virus, the world economic situation is also changing and the government is taking all steps to deal with this coronavirus.

Due to this virus, facilities like the railway bus have been closed in many areas of the cinema gym mall, all the places where there is a gathering of people have been closed.

The 13th season of IPL was caught in the grip of this virus. At present, BCCI is still working continuously with the owners of 8 franchise teams of IPL. The IPL is currently suspended till April 15.


SessionFrom when to whenTotal Match
200818 april 1 june59
200918 april to 24 may59
201012 march to 25 april60
201108 april to 28 may74
201204 april to 27 may76
201303 april to 26 may76
201416 april to1 june60
201508 april to 24 may60
201609 april to 29 may60
201705 April to 21 may60
201807 April to 27 May60
201923 March to 12 May60

IPL 2020 New Date, When The IPL Will Start In 2020

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